Solving forms, proposals, and paperwork.
Turn unstructured documents into structured data. Use AI-powered search over company documents. Automate proposal-writing and management.
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The all-in-one AI platform for document management.
Sift through 1,000s of documents, all at the same time.
Auto-complete proposals and questionnaires based on your data.
Turn unstructured text into structured data.
An AI-powered research engine, based on facts.
Works seamlessly with your Word Docs, Excel Spreadsheets, and more.
Finish hours of paperwork in minutes.
...and more.
About Us
U.S. Artificial Intelligence was founded in Mountain View, CA in 2023.

Gordon Kamer graduated with a degree in Computer Science from Harvard College. While there, he researched machine learning methods for zero-shot image classification, declarative approaches to building neural network architectures, and other topics in AI.

Jack Montinaro studied Computer Science, Economics, and Data Science at MIT. After graduation, he worked as a quantitative trader at Susquehanna International Group (SIG) before helping start US AI.

You can find US AI on Twitter, Linked In, our Blog, or by email at
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